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Are you ready for relief? 

Our Mission at McIver Acupuncture is to facilitate positive change with one’s body and life, utilizing acupuncture, massage, and medical Qi Gong. 


We treat the symptoms you face as well as the underlying causes of disease and pain. McIver Acupuncture is here to support you. Book or call today if you have any questions about how acupuncture can help you. 


Meet your practitioner,
Doug McIver

About Doug:

Doug has been a massage therapist/bodyworker for 23+ years and has been said to have “magic hands” by many clients and patients.


He received his Masters Degree in Acupuncture from the Finger Lakes School of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine in Seneca Falls, New York. 

He continuously improves his education and skills in Traditional Chinese Medicine, as well as medical Qigong.


His goal is to help his clients achieve greater balance in their body and life and to FEEL better! 

More questions? See below for patient reviews and answers to common questions.

Bee on Flower
Better than a massage!! I've been to other places for acupuncture, and nothing compares to Doug. I have several medical issues - including insomnia, migraines, and chronic pain. ALL were relieved in the first few sessions I saw Doug. Seriously. He explains things very thoroughly, makes sure you're comfortable, and is very gentle. I frequently fall asleep (very odd for an insomniac!) and leave more relaxed than after a massage! Give Doug and acupuncture a chance - you won't be sorry.

Lynne M.


How does acupuncture work?

According to traditional theory, acupuncture regulates the movement of qi and blood in the body, restoring homeostasis and promoting self healing. A typical session involves the gentle application of needles to specific acupuncture points around the body, to the patient's comfort level. Our approach includes clinical therapies, changing habits (e.g. posture/ergonomics, sleep position, repetitive activities) and home care (e.g. therapeutic exercises, stretching, breathwork, heat therapy, and self-massage).

Do you do massage, too?

Massage can be a great addition to any acupuncture treatment whether it’s just for stress relief, relaxation or some stubborn tension in the muscles and connective tissue/fascia. Sometimes there’s just no substitute for hands on therapy. For an additional $40, you can add on a half-hour of medical massage to your acupuncture appointment. 

Do you accept insurance?

Doug accepts most health insurances, including no fault and Medicaid. Unfortunately, he cannot currently accept Excellus Blue Cross/Blue Shield and associated insurances.  

How long do I need to come for?

Many people find relief within a short period of time. When you come in for treatment, we follow this plan: 

1. Relief Care: The focus in this stage is to “get out of the woods” with pain/symptoms. Treatment is once or twice a week for 3-5 visits, and most patients get some relief from pain with the first visit. 

2. Corrective Care: Here, the pain and/or other symptoms are greatly diminished or gone. Less frequent treatments (10-14 days apart) are needed because there is greater balance and symptom relief that lasts between visits. Here, we maintain a deeper level of healing to prevent backslide and the return of pain/symptoms. 

3. Wellness Care: For the balanced body. This is preventative maintenance care. It can be monthly, every other month or with the change of seasons.

What are your rates?

Start with a FREE 15 minute phone consult to see how acupuncture can help you with your current symptoms. 

Initial visits are 90-minute appointments for $110. 

Return Visits are 60-minutes for $70.


For an additional $40, you can add on 30-minutes of medical massage. 

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